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Monday, 20 November 2017

15mm to 28mm Necromunda game board

Hello again all,
Necromunda is one of my favourite games & so I have made a lot of terrain for it along the years.
After seeing Stroezie's 6mm board on Lead Adventure .de I decided to start working on a gameboard of my own which can be used for both 15 & 28mm.
The base will be made from 6" sqr 1 to 2" thick eps peices to get  a 2' sqr board, plain on one side & with canals on the reverse side.
I'm basing my smaller terrain on 6x7" 3mm mdf so the board will have endless variation both top & bottom.
You might ask why 6x7 not 6x6 , well this size accomodates my finished terrain nicely & will provide overlap & canals running under the terrain.
Apart from buildings i have also loads of walkways,bridges & scatter terrain which can easily be used.
Here are some pics of the wip.More will follow,.

Thanks for your comments.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Scratchbuilt Prime Movers , Cmd ATV & terrain Pipes

Hello again all,
Here are my latest scratch builds ,

A Bulk Hauler from an old Lima Diesel Train + either bottle cap wheels or scratch built tracks.

A Command IFV - wood , plastic , card etc
Half round corridors from PVC pipe & card.

Here are the prime mover pics, added a steampunk one also.

have an old train set which can be used for a frontier town.
Am thinking also of incorporating the tracks on that Necromunda board
planning to do.
Lima trains have great potential , so if you find broken ones on ebay, they can
easily converted.

Am thinking also of doing a grav , hover or jet bases.

One thing i found which is good for plates etc is the thin metal plate used
sardine cans , can easily be cut & shaped ( the walking boards) & 5mm square
Chicken wire fencing ( the rails). The bases are built from 3 ply wood, card & loads
Of plastic sprues.

Thanks for your comments.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Shiban Uharu Corporation

Hello all,
So I finished the GZG Marcs & decided to paint me some Khurasan Gota Clans Infantry ( which I had for ages) , GZG Japanese Power Armour & Brigade Mercs vehicles.

The Gota clans have an oriental vibe to them , so coupled with the Brigade & GZG I decided to do a Japanese Corporation themed  force.  Still have to paint the vehicles

The Gota minis have some nice detail to them , as is usual for Khurasan ( sometimes I think it is overkill ). I tried a new speed painting system, which works & I finished them in a week or so.
Still have to base them , though. Great minis.

The Brigade Sohei Hy Tank , Shaman Med Tank & Wizard Jeeps are great minis. I don't usually buy multiples of vehicles as I prefer to build my own but if I were to have loads of tanks I would definitely choose the Shaman. Kudos to the designers. Infantry is another thing altogether, I love Infantry.

The other vehicles I would get loads of are AA's Btr260 & 290 Apc's.

I fitted 5mm x 1 magnets on both the Shaman  & the Sohei as the turrets, especially the latter one are heavy. I also had to fit a shield ( support ) under the Sohei's gun as it wouldn't stay in place even when I glued it with 5 min Epoxy glue.

I had a spare Sohei hull so I decided to build a large Apc/ Command vehicle. I like the Wizard jeeps design so I decided to build me a grav truck . Not decided whether I will fit the X panels on the side & rear or not.
Tri ply wooden base & card.

Had a spare Sohei barrel & I did a SPG / Howitzer

Thanks for your comments. Z